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Yvette Cowley

Backing vocals

I came to join Tango in the Night after being invited by Kenny to do some backing vocals for a charity gig, and when he also asked me if I knew of any other singers who might be suitable, willing and able, Kim was an obvious choice! Kim is a very keen ‘harmonies’ person and we’d worked together in the past in numerous guises, the last in a band called “ELOWEN’ in which we’d gigged a bit and made a cd before going our separate ways to do other things.

SO, rehearsals started and we seemed to fit in and be appreciated, and Kim and I were blown away by the voices and musicianship of Tango, and so our journey began…!

I’d seen Fleetwood Mac back in the 80’s playing Wembley stadium with the Tango in the Night tour, but little did I know then that I’d be a backing vocalist for a Fleetwood Mac tribute band!

I was familiar with the obvious hits and loved the theatrical element to their performances, but was astounded by the volume and diversity of their songs and often think “…so they did this too!”

Learning the backing vocals has meant really listening to their work and scrutinising it, and with the help of the band trying to replicate those vocal sounds!

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