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Kev Dodd as Mick Fleetwood

I have to admit that Fleetwood Mac was not often on my play list growing up.  However, one of the first albums I bought on CD was Tango in the Night and I loved Seven Wonders, Mystified, Everywhere and Isn’t it Midnight.  It wasn’t long before I bought Rumours.

I’ve been playing drums of one kind or another for nearly 40 years. I met Kenny in 2015.  He was running a U2 tribute band and a guitarist friend of mine asked me to join.  But Kenny also needed a drummer for his pub cover band and that was effectively my audition for “Tango”. 

In the 60, 70’s and 80’s Premier produced some of the best drums in the world out of the Wigston factory, notably the Resonator and Projector kits which were beautiful 3-ply birch shells that generate a lovely loud resonant tone. Resonators were famously endorsed by Keith Moon and Clem Burke (Blondie).  I’ve got one of each, both 80’s original kits, and I use the flame red resonator for the Tango gigs.  I do follow Mick on cymbals brand choice; I have a set of Zildjian Custom A’s and K Customs with quick beat Hi-Hats and use a Yamaha DTX for the additional percussive sounds such as triangle and bell tree.

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